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In past years, our smaller new material shows were each accompanied by a podcast called Extra Time For Questions where we went into a bit more detail and shared a few clips from the night. We haven’t made a new podcast for some time now, because we’ve been working on some other (even more exciting) TV and Radio projects instead. But you can still enjoy the 12 episodes that we made.

Here’s the iTunes link.

Here’s the feed link.

Below are the individual pages for each episode where you can stream and download and start a discussion in the comments. Don’t forget, if you’ve got any questions you want answered in the podcast you can also send us a tweet @FOTSN or email us at confabulate@festivalofthespokennerd.com.

Podcast 12 – POP!

Podcast 11 – Extraordinary podcast from the tour

Podcast 10 – Fight Or Flight Club

Podcast 9 – Game On

Podcast 8 – Regeneration Game

Podcast 7 – Pi Curious

Podcast 6 – Breaking Boundaries

Podcast 5 – Bigger, Better, More Dangerous

Podcast 4 – Money Money Money MONEY

Podcast 3 – Nanoshow

Podcast 2 – Ice Ice Baby

Podcast 1 – One of Your 5-A-Day

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