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The Element In The Room

Get your hands on the first book from Festival of the Spoken Nerd, written by geek songstress Helen and experiments guy Steve (with a foreword by Matt, of course). Available now in hardback, ebook and audiobook formats.

What’s this book all about, then?

The Element In The Room takes you on a rib-tickling, experiment-fuelled and irreverent adventure to explain the elements of science that other books ignore, with plenty of DIY demos that you can try at home. Order yours online using the links above – or buy it at one of our live shows and get it signed in person!

Is it available in North America yet?

Because we’re UK-based (and so is our publisher) the book has been released in Europe already but a special North American edition – with pounds and ounces instead of kilograms and grams – will be published just for you in March 2018. If you want a copy in time for Christmas, you could buy the UK version now and get it shipped over the pond, or purchase an ebook version. Or if you’re happy to wait for the special edition when it’s released next year, you can pre-order it now at your favourite book retailer or as a hardback, ebook or audiobook from¬†Amazon.¬†Just head on over to your bookstore or website of choice and it should be there.

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