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Full Frontal Nerdity Download

Our first stand-up science show “Full Frontal Nerdity“ is still available from only £π at the Festival of the Spoken Nerd shop (that’s £3.14 in real money). You can get it from UK iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Video and Microsoft stores too, but it’s cheapest direct from us – and for £2π (or £τ) you also get an HD version, 5 hours of extra features, subtitles in Klingon and Binary, plus a 20-page booklet full of bonus nerdity.

If you missed it live, this is the show we toured around the UK in 2014, complete with binary scarves, cryonic love songs, gravity-defying bead chains, fire tornados, smoke rings and a spectacular flaming Nerd Anthem finale. Full Frontal Nerdity guaranteed!

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