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Full Frontal Nerdity DVD + free download

Our first stand-up show “Full Frontal Nerdity” is now available as a DVD – with free HD download, if you buy it from the Spoken Nerd shop. It’s the show we toured around the UK in 2014, complete with binary scarves, cryonic love songs, gravity-defying bead chains, fire tornados, smoke rings and a spectacular flaming Nerd Anthem finale. Full Frontal Nerdity guaranteed!

This double-disc set includes 5 hours of extras, including subtitles in Klingon and Binary, a 20-page booklet full of bonus nerdity and four alternative soundtracks. If you buy it from the Spoken Nerd Shop or Maths Gear, the box also comes signed by all the Nerds. An instant HD download of the full show and all extras is also available at the Spoken Nerd shop along with our unique Luxury Download Gift Pack version.

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