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Just For Graphs DVD + free download

We’ve recorded our most recent stand-up science show “Just For Graphs” and you can own it now on DVD, download and VHS!

This is the show we toured around the UK to over 15,000 nerds and non-nerds. It’s a graph-a-minute spectacular full of electrifying experiments, scientifically verified songs, mind-bending maths and fire-fuelled fun with a fax machine solo.

Get it from the Spoken Nerd shop or Maths Gear for a signed copy, plus a free digital download of the show. If you’re in a hurry, grab an unsigned copy from Amazon instead.

If you just want a digital version and no DVD, that’s fine. A download version is available now from the Spoken Nerd shop. Along with a download gift pack, for people who don’t own a DVD player but like physical objects. For convenience-lovers, it’s also available from all the usual digital download places including iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Video and Microsoft Store – just search for us on your favourite. And there’s a VHS version, for people who hate playable media and live in the past.

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