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Just For Graphs Download Gift Pack

Love watching our shows, but don’t own a DVD player? Enjoy owning physical items like booklets and posters but prefer consuming media as a download? Well, we have just the product for you!

We’ve recorded our most recent tour show “Just For Graphs” for DVD and download release, and you can own it as a unique Luxury Download Gift Pack. Not only will you get a code to download the show immediately in the format of your choice, but you’ll also get a special edition of 16 page fold-out poster that appears inside the DVD version – which is always the best part of a DVD package anyway.

You can only get it from Spoken Nerd shop, where it comes with an extra free HD download of the show for yourself or for a nerdy friend.

This is the show we toured around the UK to over 15,000 nerds and non-nerds. It’s a graph-a-minute spectacular full of electrifying experiments, scientifically verified songs, mind-bending maths and fire-fuelled fun with a fax machine solo.

Just For Graphs is also available on DVD, download and VHS formats. We’re not joking.

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