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You Can’t Polish A Nerd t-shirts and tote

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If owning our new show is not enough for you, we have a solution… Get the matching t-shirt!

Or the other t-shirt. Or the other one. Or a tote bag instead. Or just get the show on DVD, download or floppy disk. It’s your call. You’re the boss of you, not us.

There’s good news and bad news: The bad news is that we have already sold out of the limited number we had made for the Spoken Nerd and Maths Gear online shops.

The GREAT news is that all designs are now available to “print on demand” in a load of Unisex (sometimes called Mens) and Fitted (traditionally called Ladies) shapes, sizes and a few extra colours. Also: Hoodies! Kids sizes! Tote bags! Vests!

They’re also printed using environmentally friendly inks on organic, sustainable, fairtrade cotton by Rapanui, and have a return address to send your old worn-out t-shirt so it can be turned back into new t-shirts.

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