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Supplementary Material

So, you bought Full Frontal Nerdity on DVD or download and you’ve already burned through all the extras. Gosh, well, we’re sorry. There’s very little we can do about that I’m afraid… Except offer you even more extras!


Try out these alternative subtitling options for Full Frontal Nerdity:

  • ALPHABETISED – every subtitle, in alphabetical order
  • FIZZBUZZ – the classic progamming test
  • HEXIDECIMAL – for lovers of base-16
  • MARKOV PROCESS – re-ordered in grammatically correct sentences
  • MEME – jumbled up but with first and last letters correct
  • MISSING VOWELS – our favourite round in Only Connect
  • MORSE CODE – retro!
  • PI – the first 53019 digits of Pi, the circle constant
  • ROT13 – simple cypher
  • TAU – the first 53019 digits of Tau, the circle constant for hipsters
  • WORDCOUNT – excluding the 1,000 most common words

Download the whole set in this ZIP file.

All our bonus subtitles have been developed by Andrew Taylor, @Andrew_Taylor, with original subtitling by Access Subtitling.


Right click and save each subtitle file on your computer. When you play Full Frontal Nerdity in our preferred media play VLC, you can select the “Subtitles” menu and choose “Add subtitle file”. Choose the file you want, and it should play automatically. Some other media players can also add subtitle files. If they can, there’s usually an option listed in one of the menus, or you can search their help files or the internet to find out how.

If this still isn’t enough for you, and you want to have your own fun with text and coding, email spokennerdhq@gmail.com to make your own with our exclusive “Subtitle Developer Kit”!

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