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A Podcast Of Unnecessary Detail

Festival of the Spoken Nerd are recording a new podcast!

It’s called A Podcast Of Unnecessary Detail.

It features Matt, Steve and Helen talking about things that might not seem particularly interesting on the surface, but become fascinating when you get down to the nitty and / or gritty. Sometimes, the Nerds will joined by a special guest with their own “facts to grind”. And we’ll bring you the best answers from our Overly Specific Audience Question (TM) sent in by you, our Overly Specific Audience (TM).

You can hear our trailer below, or search your podcast app for “Unnecessary Detail” and subscribe. It’s also on iTunes, Stitcher,  LibSyn and all the usual podcast places.

We’ll be launching the whole thing with bells, whistles and the first few episodes some time in 2019. Hopefully. To hear about it first, join our mailing list, and keep an eye on twitter @FOTSN for posts about #APOUD.

If you want to get organised in advance, and aren’t averse to some raw tasty RSS action, here’s the extremely basic RSS feed link.

And don’t forget you can join us at our monthly new material night, An Evening Of Unnecessary Detail, the show that gave us the idea for this podcast in the first place.


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