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A Podcast Of Unnecessary Detail

It’s here! A Podcast Of Unnecessary Detail Series 2 is now live and listenable on a device of your choosing. Find us by searching for “Unnecessary Detail” wherever you get your podcasts, or for our feed URL click here.

It features Matt Parker, Steve Mould and Helen Arney talking about things that you wouldn’t believe could be interesting, but turn out to be fascinating when you get down to the nitty and / or gritty. Each episode starts with a single phrase and brings together three unique takes on it from the three Spoken Nerds.

Series 2 is out now!

Episode 01: FLUSH AND FORGET  (click here for show notes)

Episode 02: PRIMED AND READY  (click here for show notes)

Episode 03: GO FORTH AND MULTIPLY  (click here for show notes)

Episode 04: INPUT AND OUTPUT  (click here for show notes)

Episode 05: HEARTS AND MINDS  (click here for show notes)

Episode 06: CURIOUSER AND CURIOUSER  (click here for show notes)

Episode 07: LIVE AND KICKING PART 1  (click here for show notes)

We’ve just kicked off our new, longer, and even more detailed second series. To get every episode as soon as it’s ready, search for “Unnecessary Detail” and subscribe on your favourite podcast app, or get the raw feed here. You can find all of Series 1 in the same places, or listen to every episode below.

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S1, Ep01: FUEL    (click here for show notes)

S1, Ep02: INTERSTELLAR    (click here for show notes)

S1, Ep03: RINGS    (click here for show notes)

S1, Ep04: STICK    (click here for show notes)

S1, Ep05: TABLE    (click here for show notes)

S1, Ep06: TRANSMISSION    (click here for show notes)

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