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Episode 01: FUEL

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In this episode, Helen talks fuel for your body, Matt talks plane fuel (or lack of it…) and Steve talks origin theories for a particular fossil fuel. Plus a song from Helen about the ultimate source of Earth’s fuel:

01:10 – Matt’s bit
10:30 – Helen’s bit
24:20 – Steve’s bit
35:50 – Helen’s song

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Corrections and clarifications first:

  • 08:22 – Our Formula One knowledge is somewhat out of date! F1 haven’t allowed refuelling during pit stops since 2009… but other races still allow it, and the problem of vehicle weight vs. pit stops still exists. @Thexscha was the first to point this out, but many many many more of you have since then… thanks!
  • 20:41 – This CO2 decaffeination method uses supercritical CO2. That means CO2 at a temperature above boiling point and a pressure above atmospheric pressure, giving it the unique properties of both a liquid and a gas. It’s not simply liquid Carbon Dioxide. Cheers @amypeace for being the first to chemical engineer to listen and flag this.
  • 02:55 – Matt mentions Boeing 787 instead of Boeing 767. He blames it on a slip of the plane! Thanks @kaapi_croissant.

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And here’s a bonus photo our stage desk when we tour as Festival of the Spoken Nerd, featuring coffee by Aeropress and cross stitch by Katie Steckles:

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