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Series 2, Episode 02: PRIMED AND READY

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In this episode, Matt finds his portrait in a Prime Number, Helen sings about the biggest Prime Number ever discovered (at the time of recording) and Steve discovers the hot new trick that wild honey bees are using to defend themselves.

  • 00:52 – Steve’s bit
  • 13:33 – Matt’s bit
  • 26:12 – Helen’s bit

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Corrections and clarifications:

  • Since hearing this episode, listener Jeff S from Washington DC has found each of us a prime based on our twitter profile photos, and a bonus one of A Podcast Of Unnecessary Detail’s logo! Each number is 4096 digits and written in base ten, although they don’t make use of all ten digits. See below to find them in all their numerical glory!

And here’s a heap of Unnecessary Detail from this episode:

If you’re not on twitter, here’s some of the images we linked to in our tweets above:

Steve as a Slow Loris

Steve as a Slow Loris

Matt Parker in his Prime

Matt Parker in his Prime (as found by Jesse Mitchell)

Matt Parker not in his Prime

Matt Parker not in his Prime (original photo by Steve Ullathorne)


Image of a Natural Starter Log

Thinking of getting into exponentials? This Natural Starter Log should help.

Thanks to Jeff S for all these amazing Prime Portraits!


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