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Series 2, Episode 07: LIVE AND KICKING PART 1

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Helen, Matt and Steve introduce the best bits of their recent live shows, performed at London’s Bloomsbury Theatre. With nerdy guest performers Dr Rohin Francis aka Medlife Crisis discussing why the human body isn’t really fit for purpose, and comedian Rosie Wilby on whether monogamy is truly dead. Plus the Nerds share their own unnecessary details on stage, with Matt throwing the rule book at Swiss Trains, Helen singing numbers in rhyming order, and Steve breaking into his own car:

  • 1:33 – Steve’s bit
  • 14:40 – Rohin’s bit
  • 23:45 – Matt’s bit
  • 39:05 – Rosie’s bit
  • 47:58 – Helen’s bit

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Corrections and clarifications:

  • None, so far…

And here’s a heap of Unnecessary Detail from this episode:

  • We’d like to throw a huge pile of thanks out towards everyone involved in these live shows, especially our co-producer Hana Ayoob, production assistant Nicole Jacobus, sound recordist Robert Wells, podcast producer Lyndsay Fenner, plus all at Bloomsbury Theatre from staff and crew to the brilliant audience who joined us on both nights. Thank you so much! We literally couldn’t have done it without you.
  • Sami Kamkar (who Steve chatted to about how to hack into his own car) has a YouTube channel called Applied Hacking.
  • Watch Rohin’s full set here.
  • Watch more videos from Rohin Francis aka Medlife Crisis on YouTube.
  • See below for a copy of the Swiss Train Ruling, as taken from his book Humble Pi.
  • More on the urban legend that is Nuclear Ghandi.
  • Get signed copies of Humble Pi from Maths Gear (or your own favourite bookshop).
  • At some point, Matt will let you know how to order his filmed comedy special live version of the book, probably on his twitter or his Stand Up Maths website.
  • See below for a picture of Masters and Johnson similar to the one that Rosie mentions in her set.
  • Find out more about Rosie’s brilliant podcast, The Breakup Monologues by clicking here or search for the title wherever you get your podcasts.
  • For Rosie’s brilliant book of the same name, click here for where to buy it.
  • If you’re near Brighton on 22nd May, here’s a link to her big Breakup Monologues show at the Spiegeltent.
  • And she’s on twitter and instagram too.
  • Helen’s song that puts the numbers from 1 to 50 in rhyming order is free to download from Bandcamp, along with other songs from the series.


Swiss Trains must not have exactly 256 axles, by law.

Swiss Trains must not have exactly 256 axles, by law.


Johnson and Masters. Credit: Bettmann/Corbis

Virginia Johnson and William H Masters


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