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Humble Pi: A Comedy Of Maths Errors

Matt Parker has written another brilliant book!

He firmly believes that humankind would be better off if everyone saw mathematics as a practical ally. Sadly, most of us fear maths and seek to avoid it. This is because mathematics doesn’t have good ‘people skills’ – it never hesitates to bluntly point out when we are wrong. But it is only trying to help! Mathematics is a friend which can fill the gaps in what our brains can do naturally.

Luckily, even though we don’t like sharing our own mistakes, we love to read about what happens when maths errors make the everyday go horribly wrong. Matt explores and explains near misses and mishaps with planes, bridges, the internet and big data as a way of showing us not only how important maths is, but how we can use it to our advantage. This comedy of errors is a brilliantly told series of disaster stories with a happy ending.

It’s out in March 2019 in UK and Europe (later in North America) and you can order your copy using the links on this page, or ask in person at your favourite terrestrial bookshop. If you buy from Maths Gear, your copy will be signed by Matt, and earlybirds can take advantage of a special pre-order price too.

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