“Sharp jokes, hilarious songs and edgy experiments” ScotsGay Magazine … more


Here’s a few of the nice things people have said about us.

Resplendently geeky trio The Times
Part of rationalism's desperate rearguard action The Sunday Times
A little bit QI with a dash of How 2 Metro
A refreshing change from the usual Fringe comedies... educational and with plenty of laughs along the way Scottish Sunday Express
Charm and perky curiosity is in its DNA... It’s a pleasure to spend an evening in their hugely well-qualified company The Guardian
Great, funny, clever… Even the heckles at this terrific show are smart The Scotsman
Witty, brilliantly entertaining celebration of science The i Newspaper
The nerd show to end all nerd shows The List
Harnesses comedy to highlight what is fun – and funny – about science New Scientist
One of the highlights of the Fringe... very smart, very funny and a whole lot of fun. Edinburgh Reviews
A riotously funny show about science… brimming with unashamed geekery Three Weeks
The geeks have inherited the earth in a show that’s smart and funny The Skinny
Physics porn for the sci-curious… Festival of the Spoken Nerd should be applauded Fest
What Top Gear would be like if it were about science... the Everest of geek cool Chortle
Sharp wit and quick thinking… A fantastic night of comedy National Student
At the forefront of cerebral humour Beyond The Joke
Fantastic and funny… you don’t need to be a ‘nerd’ to enjoy this show Broadway Baby
Sharp jokes, hilarious songs and edgy experiments ScotsGay Magazine
Had the adoring crowd in stitches Nottingham Post
Explodes with curiosity and glee... as smart as it is silly The Sun
A show to awe and entertain everybody, no matter their nerdiness The Badger
The Nerds are back, and they're bigger and better than ever Redbrick Magazine
You Can’t Polish a Nerd manages to be both smart and silly in equal measure... such joyous hilarity The Wee Review
Gleefully geeky… impossible to resist, whatever your level of scientific knowledge Edinburgh Reporter
What better than an hour laced with spreadsheets... science focused songs... and a lot of spectacular pyrotechnics Fringe Review
Bustling with brain-teasing excellence; fun with fire, singing and super awesome experiments Mumble Comedy
Sleek geeks demonstrate laughs by induction Nine More Than None
Raw geekery… If you are a child at heart who loves stats and maths, you need to see this show Arts Award Voice
Hugely entertaining show - and not just for nerds Tickit Reviews
So much fun… and flames… who knew formulae could be so funny? One4Review
A blockbuster of a show made by nerds for nerds (or anyone nerd-curious) Squirrel Comedy
If science had been this much fun at school, most of us may have actually learnt something Gigglebeats
Festival of the Spoken Nerd certainly know how to overclock a crowd of comedy fans The Register
No more are the science geeks the butt of the jokes… grab tickets while you can The Reviews Hub
Somewhere between Dave Gorman and The Big Bang Theory lies nerd-Heaven… Hilarious Latest 7
Unmissable... great fun for geeks Starburst Magazine
Highly entertaining for both the science literate and those of us who don’t have a clue Black Diamond
"Can science be funny?" is answered with a resounding YES MyReviewer.com

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