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You Can’t Polish A Nerd

The science comedy phenomenon are back with a veritable Periodic Table of science, songs and spherical geometry in their new show – available now on DVD and download. Join stand-up mathematician Matt Parker, TV experiments maestro Steve Mould and award-winning geek songstress Helen Arney at the ultimate show for nerds and non-nerds.

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  • Our new range of t-shirts, badges, magnets and notebooks are available now – click here
  • Play with Aaron Montag’s spherical footage Droste manipulator – click here
  • Marvel at mathematician Henry Segerman’s original research into spherical footage manipulation – click here
  • Mix sounds in your browser for your laser mirror set-up – click here
  • Watch Helen singing all the elements (including the new ones) – click here
  • Steve and Helen’s banana-fuelled book “The Element In The Room” is out now – click here
  • Read Matt Parker’s petition to correct geometrically impossible roadsigns – click here
  • Print your own “Say No To Mathematically Impossible Street Signs” sign – click here
  • The LIGO paper that inspired Steve’s gravitational waves demo – click here
  • Enjoy “Artful Mathematics” featuring the art of MC Escher – click here

Since their last tour, the “resplendently geeky trio” (The Times) have featured on BBC2’s QI, created a genuinely “experimental” comedy show for BBC Radio 4 and played the Royal Albert Hall with Robin Ince and astronaut Commander Chris Hadfield, while Steve and Helen have written the first Festival of the Spoken Nerd book: The Element In The Room.

You Can’t Polish A Nerd sees Helen, Matt and Steve putting the “oooh” into zoology, the “fun” into fundamental theorem of calculus and the “recursion” into recursion. Full Frontal Nerdity guaranteed!

“Charm and perky curiosity is in its DNA” Guardian
**** “Great, funny, clever… even the heckles at this terrific show are smart” The Scotsman
**** “The geeks have inherited the earth in a show that’s smart and funny” The Skinny
**** “Fantastic and funny… you don’t need to be a ‘nerd’ to enjoy this show” Broadway Baby
**** “Gleefully geeky… impossible to resist, whatever your level of scientific knowledge” Edinburgh Reporter


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