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FOTSN: Festival of the Spoken Nerd Visit Channel

What is Festival of the Spoken Nerd?

Full Frontal Nerdity - DVD/download with 5 hours of bonus material

Banana Equivalent Dose Song from You Can't Polish A Nerd - out now!

Steve Mould: Science Experiments Visit Channel

Mains electricity, a gherkin and a fire in a bin - LIVE!

Random couscous snaps into beautiful patterns

How to make inverted bubbles

Matt Parker: Stand Up Maths Visit Channel

Stand-up comedy routine about Spreadsheets

Stand-up comedy about Equations That Correspond to Vortex Motions (aka "smoke rings”).

New Superpermutations Discovered!

Helen Arney: Geeky Science Songs Visit Channel

Helen Arney vs Wine Glass: Voice Smash Supercut

THE ELEMENTS - with new elements nihonium, moscovium, tennessine and oganesson!

Cryonic Love Song - Full Frontal Nerdity bonus feature

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