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Who are the Spoken Nerds?

Helen Arney helenarney.com

Thinking that she’d left her geek past behind after graduating in Physics from Imperial College, 'Voice of an Angle' Helen proved herself wrong when she turned to writing stand-up and songs inspired by science. Since then she has appeared on TV, Radio and in theatres across the world with her unique mix of stand-up, songs and science. You might have seen her explaining physics while riding a rollercoaster for BBC2 Coast, electrifying Sandi Toksvig on QI, singing the periodic table on Channel 4, smashing a wine glass with the power of her voice live on Blue Peter or hosting ‘Outrageous Acts Of Science’ on Discovery Channel. She now writes musical theatre, and has filled several notebooks with rhymes for “Uranus” (none of which are printable here)
“Clever comedy at its best” (The Skinny)

Steve Mould stevemould.com

...is a scientist and comedian. His YouTube channel has over 2 million subscribers and 350 million views. His videos about the chain fountain effect lead to new research at Cambridge University and the phenomenon was dubbed “The Mould Effect”. Steve also hosts a radio show on BBC Radio 4 and is part of the live comedy/science trio Festival of the Spoken Nerd. Also a writer of award-winning science books for young people, Steve was the Science Presenter on Blue Peter “back in the day” and hasn’t stopped going on about it since.
“Beyond nerdy, yet playful and ingeniously funny...” (The List)

Matt Parker standupmaths.com

Matt Parker is a stand-up mathematician, author, and YouTuber. His book Humble Pi was the first maths book in the UK to reach No.1 on the Sunday Times bestseller list. Matt's YouTube videos have been viewed over 10^7 times and he has a very similar number of subscribers to Steve Mould. Don't look that up, just trust me. Would a #1-best-seller lie to you? No. Good. Ah... Matt also had a sell-out maths comedy show at the Edinburgh Fringe and once held world records for both the Rubik's Cube and Space Invaders.
“Capable of generating big laughs using the deceptively simple power of numbers” (Guardian)

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