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Full Frontal Nerdity on DVD and Download

Our latest stand-up science show, Full Frontal Nerdity, is now available on DVD and download at the Spoken Nerd shop or – if you’re in a hurry – the DVD is on Amazon and in all good retail stores.

It’s the show we toured around the UK last year, complete with binary scarves, cryogenic love songs, gravity-defying bead chains, fire tornados, smoke rings and a spectacular flaming Nerd Anthem finale – plus a second disc of specially filmed extras, a 20-page booklet full of extra nerdity and more than 5 hours of bonus material on the DVD and luxury download. Buy it now from only £3.14!

We couldn’t have made all this possible without our Kickstarter supporters – check out our Web Of Fame here.

If you already have the DVD or download, and are back here searching for even more bonus features, try our extra subtitle options and post-tour handout. Or you can go Spreadsheet Yourself for fun.


As well as press reviews we’ve had tonnes of lovely tweets and facebook messages from people who have already bought the DVD and download. It’s been fantastic to hear what you think about Full Frontal Nerdity – keep them coming!

**** Explodes with curiosity and glee… as smart as it is silly (The Sun)
If the geeks truly have inherited the earth, then a revenge of the nerds must be in full flow (The List)
**** What Top Gear would be like if it were about science, not cars… the Everest of geek cool (Chortle)
At the forefront of cerebral humour (Beyond The Joke)
**** Unmissable… great fun for geeks (Starburst Magazine)
Full Frontal Nerdity is utterly original comedy… it is impossible to resist the infectious, intelligent fun (Edinburgh Reporter)
**** “Can science be funny?” is answered with a resounding YES (MyReviewer.com)
A perfect stocking filler for any nerd, geek or nerd-curious individual (Chemistry World)
For evidence that science is having a “moment” in pop culture, one need look no further than the Festival of the Spoken Nerd (Physics World)

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