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In this episode, Steve talks about how plants transmit their genes, Helen eavesdrops on whales and Matt decodes spacecraft transmissions. Plus a song about the bravest little transmitter in the known universe. 

  • 00:48 – Steve’s bit
  • 14:13 – Matt’s bit
  • 28:38 – Helen’s bit
  • 41:42 – The Philae Song

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Podcast shout outs! Steve mentions a few fab podcasts in this episode, and they are:

Corrections and clarifications:

  • Steve repeatedly refers to the Oak Tree as an “Acorn Tree” – which is taxonomically and linguistically incorrect, but as we only spotted the mistake in the final edit we left it as it is. You’re smart enough to work out what he meant, right? 😉
  • Several people got in touch to say they’ve consumed a cashew apple! Our pal Simon Watt has tried it in a “caju” smoothie, and Christa Norton tells us that if you mix it with chilli powder it’s a great alternative to lemon when you’re doing tequila slammers.

And here’s a heap of unnecessary detail from this episode:

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