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You Can’t Polish A Nerd

We’ve filmed a new show packed full of science, songs and spherical geometry – and you can own it on DVD, download and 3.5 inch floppy disk. Yes. We really went there…

“You Can’t Polish A Nerd” is guaranteed to put the “oooh” into zoology, the “fun” into fundamental theorem of calculus and the “recursion” into recursion in the ultimate show for nerds and non-nerds.

For limited edition signed discs (digital versatile), disks (floppy) and downloads from just £π (3.14), head to the Festival of the Spoken Nerd shop.

Unsigned DVDs are also available at Amazon UK, and you can download the show from iTunes, Amazon Prime, Google Play, Xbox, Microsoft Store and YouTube Movies. Click the links on this page, or search your favourite platform for “Festival of the Spoken Nerd” to find all our shows.

For more about the 2018 NerdBundle giveaway competition, click here.

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