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In a departure from our usual format, the Nerds reveal three favourite science facts that they just could not believe the first time they heard them, but turned out to be true. Featuring the reproductive habits of barnacles, the unexpected mating call of the tawny owl and a freaky formula that draws a picture of itself.

  • 01:12 – Helen’s bit
  • 16:08 – Matt’s bit
  • 34:12 – Steve’s bit

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Corrections and clarifications:

  • A few weeks after we recorded this episode, New York Times published an extremely detailed and well-researched article debunking the “Birds Released In Central Park By Shakespeare Fan” story. Read it here, with thanks to listener Joshua Miller for sending over this link.

And here’s a heap of Unnecessary Detail from this episode:

Tupper's Self Referential Formula

Tupper’s Self Referential Formula

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