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Series 2, Episode 11: LIVE AND KICKING PART 3

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Steve, Helen and Matt introduce the final installment of their live shows, performed at London’s Bloomsbury Theatre. With sets from astrophysicist and emo kid Jen Gupta, NATO alphabet innovator (in-NATO-vator) Ted Hill, stand-up medic Matt Hutchinson and Rock ‘n’ Roll IT consultants Foxdog Studios. Also contains extra details from Steve talking about tastebuds, and Helen singing about radioactive bananas:

  • 01:29 – Steve’s bit
  • 12:08 – Jen’s bit
  • 21:32 – Ted’s bit
  • 27:26 – Foxdog Studio’s bit
  • 31:14 – Matt H’s bit
  • 38:43 – Helen’s bit

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We’d like to add a special thanks to everyone who made these live shows possible! Our co-producer Hana Ayoob; production assistant Nicole Jacobus; sound recordist Robert Wells; Chris, Lou, Ellen, Joan, Frank and all the team at Bloomsbury Theatre; and our series producer and editor for these episodes, Lyndsay Fenner. Plus every fantastic performer, and all the brilliant audience who turned up on both nights to holler, cheer and laugh. High fives to all of you!

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